Wednesday, June 25, 2014


The power of humor is life changing!!! Observing out Self and being amused by life instead of offended shifts US from the inside OUT creating a new way of being. Seeing each of us is the best entertainment in town and laughing at our Self, the things we do or say instead of judging our Self is MAGIC. Our light hearts LIGHT the Day through choosing to find the humor. We are funny creatures!! Each of us is a character uniquely expressing in this world so to ENJOY who we are and ENJOY others is a heart based way of living. There have been times in my life when I felt the weight of the world and was comfortable carrying the heaviness and being so against the world!!! Placing conditions on life and being self-righteous imposing my beliefs on the whole judging myself and others instead of appreciating myself and others. John's death liberated me and gifted me with the knowing life is NOW and I choose my attitude and way of being. And my happy heart is not contingent upon others; it is UP to me! Life is much more FUN without a stick up my ass;))!!!! I choose to LAUGH more and LOVE Big!!! I give myself and others the human hall pass and giggle in delight over my observations and experiences. This FEELS amazing and opens me to the Beauty that always IS if I dare to LOOK for it. Laughter is SOUL medicine!!! Invite your playful soul to HAPPYdance this day and FEEL the JOY in living infuse you and FREE you! Woo woo woofrickinhoo;))

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