Sunday, June 29, 2014

The JOY of Wanting!

Ohhh...the JOY of WANTING! The Creative Force within inviting Us to PLAY:); to express What's Next? FREE the Passion, materializing the Spirit & Dancing with Infinity Here & NOW. This WONDROUS Life pulsing from the depths of Us, ever-flowing, ushering us into our Truest Self again and again until our last breath. There are times we let go and reach for MORE, going with the FLOW, easing into the moments unfolding US; and there are times we kick & scream resisting the blossoming of US & life. Be patient with your Self! Shower your Self with the Compassion of the heavens wherever you are. In perfect time, through effort & grace, you will LET GO! Allowing What's Next to be birthed & experiencing the JOY of wanting & creating. Wanting is Sacred. The longing to express is holy. Our soul CALLing us will NOT let go of Us until we engage singing our truest song, living a life we absolutely LOVE, mirroring who we ARE. Ignoring The call of the Soul will cut life OFF, starving us until the hunger is so great we must OPEN the door into what's next?! Nourish your Self: mind, body, heart & soul discovering the JOY in WANTing, creating a life that excites the hell outa you, that makes you leap outa bed, that leaves you saying THANK YOU all day, that INSPIRES the HAPPYdance where you cheer: Woo woo woofrickinhoo!! Take my hand in yours... Let's PLAY:) xoxox

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