Saturday, June 21, 2014


This day BLESS EVERYTHING!!! Dare to bless even that which you curse. Start with fuck it and work your way to bless it. This is essential in RECEIVING the abundance of life ever-flowing. Imagine this force of Creation, AMAZING grace is actual pixie dust blowing through YOU breath by breath. This constant FLOW of grace ushering you into the RICHNESS of life, creating a foundation for wealth: mind body heart and soul! Say all day: "AMAZING grace cannot be withheld from me. Amazing grace is manifesting wealth for me! Amazing grace is working miracles in my life, opening me and freeing me to RECEIVE. Amazing grace prospers me!" The art of RECEIVING abundance is a RELAXING into life, allowing pleasure, savoring the moments, giving thanks for the riches, slowing down to FEEL grateful for EVERYTHING recognizing EVERYTHING is a blessing:). Write OUT claiming what you want! ASK the universe for all you want? If frustrated and not getting what you want ask: WHAT is blocking the flow? Ask for signs and tune in for information to help you make new choices that OPEN you. Remember, like a flower we are ever-blossoming and unfolding until our last breath. There is always MORE to OPEN within us and In the world; and there is JOY in the experiences that come each day Revealing the Beauty we are and life is. You are WORTHY of a life you absolutely LOVE! You deserve all the Blessings showered upon you this day, this lifetime! Just say THANK YOU! More please:). And delight in the JOY of being YOU!!! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)) xo

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