Friday, June 20, 2014

The FIERCE Heart!

The heart is FIERCE with the courage to face, be present to whatever life brings day by day, moment by moment. When we cut out the FEELing trying to suck it up, we deny our Self the opportunity to experience our truest strength; our ability to navigate life facing what comes, letting it wash through, riding the waves of emotions RECEIVING the blessings always there even in the midst of great challenges. When tears come, welcome them as you do laughter and give thanks for them, for the release, the organic letting go; FREE! open! from not controlling our emotions; the release, the honest expression of where you are in any moment is healing. We FEEL to HEAL. Often we celebrate laughter and condemn tears but both are beautiful expressions we are gifted with on this human odyssey. Both tears and laughter are necessary and to be brave enough to FEEL liberates us. As I drove down the road yesterday, tears flooded through me. There was no particular reason. I wasn't "sad". My heart's memory took me into chambers where residue of grief still exists-not conscious "reasons" created by the mind. Hot tears poured down my cheeks and I delighted in the miracle that my fierce heart ALLOWS all that comes...tears and laughter. Joy and pain. Holding the paradox of life. AWE and overwhelm! Badasssssss living:)). I felt renewed, cleansed by the release. I took my own hand and said: "Girl, we have come along way! We are strong enough to be present to our Self and live in Truth. Safe! No need to run and hide. Just BE!" Fierce living and fierce LOVING creates miracles. Invite your heart to LIGHT the way. Ain't no darkness the light of your heart cannot handle. TRUST! You are held by the heart of this world ALIVE within your very heart! Woo woo woofrickinhoo!! Let's awaits. Blessings await! Say THANK YOU:). Xo

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