Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Give YOUR Heart Away!

Just for this Day, live OPEN! Focus your energy here and now, pull your creative force out of someday and yesterday inviting MORE...more LOVE, more JOY, more SURPRISES! Feel life flowing through you. Feel the possibilities hatching. Feel excited about exploring, wandering in WONDER. Ground in a sense of all your gifts, all you have to offer and ask the universe blow its amazing grace through YOU taking you into the miracle you are and life is. Open your heart and KISS the day with ALL of you knowing ALL you give comes back to you! The Kindness you offer OPENS you! The smile you give awakens YOU to a sense of connection to the Love you are which is the essence of all of Creation. Go about this day being YOU doing what you do and give your Self away wide OPEN. Let your heart that is vast enough to hold everything and everyone FREE you and FREE all:). Like magic, your open heart living OPENS others! The shift created by your generosity is immediate so go PLAY all damn day seeing how many people you can OPEN and INSPIRE with your presence, your words, your smile, your heart based living. YOU are the offering! YOU are truly the greatest gift you give! Your happyass MATTERS. You matter!!! Woo woo woo woofreakinhoo!! Holding YOU in my heart and pouring my LOVE through you:)) and RECEIVING the LOVE right back!!!

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