Friday, June 13, 2014


Liberating our Self from Villains, extracting the gold from the worst experiences seeing the BEST of us came out to play to fight for us and the life we came to live is BIG-life changing stuff and doesn't happen all at once. Bringing our Self into Present time, pulling our energy out of the past, out of old wounds takes a fierce commitment to FOCUS on the life you want to create NOW and understanding you are the ruler of your word. Where your focus goes energy FLOWS!!! All experiences whether we call them good or bad serve us. Being led to it!
LIFE, this creative force of love within leads us to moments and events not to simply kick our ass but to show us who we are. The strength, the power that lies within. Revealing our beliefs that are often subconscious and showing us where we give our power away, allowing others authority over our life. We come to KNOW our Self in the UNKNOW when the sky falls and we don't know which way is up when the ground crumbles and we are waiting to create new foundations, when the life that was that we loved is gone and we spiral untethered free falling into what's next terrified and finding our way to TRUST that all is well even when it doesn't feel so good. LOVE is the healing balm!! LOVE is the miracle! LOVE your Self where you are:). LOVE life for a million reasons and no reason at all! LOVE is truly all you need. LOVE BIG and watch the Miracles...the MAGIC flow! Woo woo woohoo:))!!!

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