Sunday, June 22, 2014

GO Boldly!

YOU are Courage in motion walking through this world, this day embodying this Force of LOVE that allows you to GO BOLDLY into moments where Fear threatens to hold you back; the Courage that lies within YOU allows you to take the next step again and again; this COURAGE fuels the leaps of faith that often seem small but are all so GREAT beyond measure. YOU being YOU have a unique Beauty and Brilliance to offer the world. Stand centered knowing the Power that lies within you that animates all if Creation and claim the Miracle you are and Life is. Overwhelm comes! Let it be. Moments of crazy where fear floods through us, ROCKING us is a part of this human adventure. BE with your Self. Breathe. Shower yourself with LOVE. Let go of judgement. Let your breath guide you into the Grace where you can rest in the Peace of your Sacred Heart...So FIERCE! This well of courage that frees you to step into the next moment, to go where you must to LIVE, to engage in this dance exploring and discovering new depths within you, within the world. You are badassssss! You are the hero of your own life! You are hard wired in your core, your soul, your essence to part the seas and move the mountains! And if you look back on your life, you have done this over and over; and there is MORE, always more of us to liberate! FIND the Courage to laugh through the roller coaster ride that brings moments of terror and moments of bliss. Hold it all! It is ALL your life. Every moment, every breath, every experience is Sacred! Kick and scream...and let go! Curse the moment and BLESS IT. Enjoyyyy the journey! It takes COURAGE to live JOYfully. Do YOU! Free YOU! Be YOU and know this is enough. Woo woo woofrickinhoo!!! :)) xo

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