Monday, June 23, 2014

The FUN in Being YOU!

YOU are pure potential! This human journey expresses these seeds of promise through effort and grace. Within you lies, the heavens and the earth as you are both human and divine. Align this day with all that you are nourishing yourself through loving words of encouragement grounding in a sense of purpose and KNOWING you MATTER! Share your hearts fearlessly. Be who you are without apology. Feed others with yourself! No censoring the aliveness trying to present a version of yourself you believe is more acceptable. Life is too short not to give YOU, not to infuse others with YOUR Spirit here to play BIG, Freeing the Passion expressing the JOY in being YOU, living for the LOVE of living! This is YOUR time, moment by moment, YOU are the offering. You standing in your individuality INSPIRE and Empower others to come along living FREE in the Beauty of who you are. Dare to stumble, fall, laugh, scream, cry...BE Alive!!! Living it ALL:). Honest moments liberate MORE of us. Raw! Wild! You organically birth more of YOU loving and accepting ALL of YOU. You are potential hatching until your last breath. The person you are NOW stepping into this day will be transformed by the experiences of this day. I invite you to wave your hands in the air as life takes you on a ride this day. There will be twists and turns and unexpected detours, delighting us, frustrating us and scaring the shit out of us. This is LIFE! No way around it. WELCOME life! Bow to it. Enjoyyyyyy IT:). Have FUN being YOU and notice how life is dulled, our energy is zapped when we try to be a version of our Self. Happyass dance and let YOUR joy in being YOU inspire the world:)). Woo woo woofrickinhoo!!!! Xo

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