Tuesday, July 2, 2013


When we are at a loss for words
Because they seem inadequate
To express the experience of awe
We are feeling,
Is what springs from our lips.
Let’s us be with what we have witnessed or heard
Soaking it up
Absorbing the unexpected gift
Brought forward by a moment in our life.

It was reported that the last words uttered by Steve Jobs, the Apple CEO & Tech pioneer were:  Wow…Wow…Wow.  And I have a feeling that he had spoken these words often throughout his life as he was a master at staying open to the possibilities as he passionately created visions of what others called impossible and brought them to life.  He lived in the Wow.  Living in the Wow includes WTF! Moments as the process of bringing through ideas is a dance of surprise with stumbling blocks, barriers and clear vistas that miraculously appears manifesting the genius that won’t let us rest until it is birthed.   Jobs was no doubt wired to be innovative and reminds us that the journey, passionately pursuing what brings us joy is indeed itself the reward granted in this life.

We all deserve a WOW Life!  We do.  The feeling that we get to live this life, we get to have amazing experiences, we get to love and be loved by wonderful people is something we all deserve to embody.  Deserve is often a word that doesn’t rest well in our culture, fearing that if we think we deserve good that this means others who aren’t experiencing the good we are don’t deserve it.  We get caught up in over-thinking instead of resting in a knowing that the goodness of life is infinite and is available to all of us in various ways and we all deserve this without exception.

Living in the Wow, being joyful in your life is contagious and has a profound effect on others.  I love when JOY leaps from an email, text or from the presence of others or in the spoken word.  It is undeniable that we are lifted from this energy whether we pause to recognize it or not.  Your Wow life is a great act of service for the whole of humanity freeing others, reminding them of their magnificence and all that lies within them.

The invitation this day is to welcome the Wow available to you right here and now.  Remember that you get to live this life, you get to choose how you live it and what a good life means to you, you get to experience amazing things, you get to love and be loved by wonderful people.  Your joy is what makes life rich.  You deserve to experience the abundance of this life.  You do.  Wow…life is damn good.   

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