Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Inner Adventure



Is the wisdom of the Ages.

The moments of our life

Take us into our Self

As we do what we do

And play the roles that we play.

But the truth of all that we are

Lies within us

Waiting to be acknowledged

Urging us to remember:

We are love

We are joy

We are peace

We are hope

We are grace

We are all the energies of the heavens


In human form.

When we KNOW this

Beyond concepts

With the whole of who we are

Mind, body, heart & soul

We are Free.


Today marks 2 years and 8 months since John died physically and I died psycho-spiritually, as all that I had identified as was no longer.  It was living through my own death, the strange sensation of breathing into my body with no psychic anchors, being present as I navigated this foreign terrain within, wondering who the hell I was now and what would ground and support me now.  The utter confusion, dwelling in the land of the lost, dropping into new space that terrified and exhilarated me became an inner adventure like nothing I could have imagined, the opportunity within the tragedy to free my Self mind, body, heart and soul.

All of my life, I have had a rich inner adventure in ways that I can only recognize now but was completely unconscious of at the time.  It has taken the whole of my life to trust the wisdom within.  The last 20 years, I have explored the question:   Who am I? living this question.  I mostly identified who I am through the eyes of others, the roles I played and all that I did, but John’s death wiped out these external boxes that I had squeezed myself in and believed myself to be. 

The essence of who I am:  pure energy of love, hope, joy, grace, peace is the foundation that I now stand on as I walk my path out in the world, doing what I do, playing the roles that I am privileged to play.  From this knowing, this sense of Self beyond who the external world tells me I am, I rest as I move through the moments of my life as the circumstances I find myself in and the people I journey with cannot strip away who I am.  The joy, peace, love, hope, grace – all the energies of the heavens that I embody (and you embody) in this physical form fortify my human adventure come what may.  This is abiding.  This is unconditional.  This is truth.  This is liberation from the cages of our own making.

The inner adventure makes the outer adventure even grander as the moments of our life become fueled by a depth experience that nourishes us and frees the passion as nothing else can.  Being on fire for our life isn’t merely marked by external events that we plan and believe are pinnacles.  These explosive events while fun and part of our human journey are passing, fleeting and temporary.  The eternal flame within us is a constant companion pouring through us like an opus, making anything we have manufactured to try to create this experience pale in comparison; and simultaneously, when we are connected to this, everything is magnificent.       

The invitation this day and this lifetime is Know Thyself.  Live the question:  Who am I?  Stay open to the surprises revealed in this inquiry as more and more is revealed on the level of mind, heart, body and soul – the totality of who we are.  Affirm and acknowledge the essence of who you truly are reminding yourself:  I am peace.  I am love.  I am hope.  I am joy.  I am grace.  I am all the energies of the heavens embodied in human form, playing roles and doing what I do with a sense of freedom and aliveness.

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