Thursday, July 11, 2013

On Our Way

To pause

To reflect

To see the beauty

To give thanks

For all the experiences

Of the past

The twists and the turns

All necessary

Stripping away

Making space

Honors all the life lived

On our way to this moment

On our way to those we love

On our way to who we are now

On our way to living our dreams awake.



Sometimes, I consciously pause to reflect, to see the beauty and give thanks for all the experiences, all the necessary twists and turns that stripped away what no longer served and made space for more of who I am to come forward.  This allows me to honor all the life lived, acknowledging all that I have cursed and all that I have blessed.  I rest in this moment, in awe, that on my way to this moment, on my way to those I love, on my way to who I am now, on my way of living my dreams awake, a million miracles have hatched through my effort, spinning the heaviness, the lead into gold and through the graces of the heavens.

Sometimes, I am unexpectedly dropped into memories of the past that stir emotions causing tears to spring from the depths of me.  There is beauty even in this so I give thanks for the ability to feel, to allow, to be fully human and to see the gifts that all moments bear if I am willing to accept them for what they are.

While swimming in the cove, I could hear the music blasting from the top of the houseboat.  My sister, Margee, had pulled out some old CD’s that were our favorite once upon a time.  She walked to the edge where she could see me and yelled:  Can you hear what’s playin’?  It’s “On My Way to You”.  I actually could hear it before it played.  The moment Sonya Isaacs’s soulful mountain voice flowed from the speakers; I immediately felt the song On My Way to You and I sipped in all it had meant over the years.  The album is probably 15 years old and On My Way to You was one of John and my songs as it expressed so poetically how we felt that everything, all life experiences led us to each other, to love the way we loved and to live the way we lived.

John used to call me in the middle of the day so he could sing On My Way to You with heartfelt sincerity, giving thanks for our love and our life and even seeing the beauty in our ability to endure, to walk through some fu$%ed up shit.  When he would hear this song playing, he would come up to dance with me on top of the houseboat singing in my ear as he held me close with his strong arms and tender touch.  Transported into these portals of life lived, I began to cry as I swam back to the boat, breaking down as I climbed up the ladder, sobbing as I walked up the spiral staircase to the top and wailing as Margee hugged me and shared the depth of all I was feeling.

On our way to this moment, this day, a million miracles have hatched.  Our stories are magnificent.  Our human journey is indeed a hero’s journey as we meet that which we curse and that which we bless day in and day out.  Our stories are rich with love, joy, pain and sorrow.  Our stories are treasure troves of life expressed uniquely through us and those we are privileged to love and enjoy.  The invitation this day is to consciously pause and reflect on all that has led you to this moment.  See the beauty in all experiences and let a grateful heart light your way.  

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