Thursday, July 18, 2013

Get YOUR Shine On


When our hearts are light

When our cup runneth over with JOY

When we know the gift we are

When we know the gift this life is

When for no reason and for a million reasons

We are HAPPY

The light we SHINE ON others

And into the world

Is boundless

Pure energy






There is a country song, Get Your Shine On which I love by a band called Florida Georgia Line.  It is a clever play on words about Moonshine but I just love singing the line:  Baby, Get your shine on.  It makes me feel good.  A friend’s 7 year old daughter, Lucy, was singing that line with a twang that normally doesn’t exist and hearing her lightened my heart.  It was a combination of the words and the sense of joy in her singing that uplifted me in that moment.  Now, when I listen to that song or sing it myself, I hear Lucy’s voice and smile from the inside out.

The effect we have on each other is immeasurable.  Someone writes a song because that’s just what they do and it is launched into the world through a singer who performs because that’s just what he or she does and the joy they put into what they do reaches all of us privileged to hear it.  We all do this in ways we recognize and ways we don’t because we are simply doing what we do, living our life, following our passions.

Our happiness, our light hearts make a difference in this world.  The invitation this day and throughout your life is the inquiry:  What makes me come alive?  inspired by the wisdom of Howard Thurman who said:  Don’t ask what the world needs…what the world needs is what makes you come alive. 
Getting our shine on requires us to tune into our Self and cultivate the potential within, the limitless vitality that infuses us with happiness for no reason and a million reasons.   There are gifts within us waiting to be opened, to be acknowledged so we can express the joy that is.  When we connect to this space, we shine our light on others and into the world.  We are pure energy of the heavens, uplifting, healing, inspiring, soothing and expanding.

If you know the song, sing this line all day long and see the effect it has on you:  Baby, get your shine on!  If you don’t know the song, just say silently or aloud:  Get you shine on!  and see what the words ignite within you.

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