Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Rest that Rain Invites


The rain pours

Washing away what was

Clearing the air

Ushering in the new energies

Life brings forth

Moment by moment

Full of potential

That springs from nature

And from all of us;

And inviting rest

That is necessary and essential

To the flowering

That is sure to come.


It is pouring the rain which has invited a level of rest that I have not experienced in a long time.  I lay here in my bed with my laptop plucking away at the keyboard as I am filled with gratitude for the creative fires stoked in this space.  In the midst of the showers, I know the flowering is sure to come.  I hold it all:  Where I am and what will be as the rain washes away, clears the air and ushers in new energies.  The whole of creation is bursting with potential in this necessary and essential rest that I don’t always allow or appreciate as part of living.  I get swept away by the movement which is equally as important but must be balanced to create an embodied harmony within my Self.

The rain tapping on the roof of the houseboat serenades me in a soothing cadence.  The rain plunging into the lake bubbles up in a staccato rhythm that is visually magnificent.  The rocks reflecting on the water fill me with wonder at the living hologram that life is.  The sparrow at play riding the winds and the rains mirrors the grace that is eternal, pulsing through, ever- alive within me and within all of creation.

My great nieces, ages 8 and 4, are up and giggling in the room next to mine, chattering away dramatically as they experience their own special rest that the rain has invited.  They inspire me, leaving me with a smirk on my face in utter appreciation, with their sense of excitement through rain and shine.  They effortlessly welcome what is, surrendering to the whims of creation, living the art expressed through each of them as individuals and sharing this in their sisterness.

Muffled conversations are coming from the kitchen with pots and pans clanging as the others stir to brew coffee, make heuvos rancheros, toast and oatmeal to nourish the bodies that carry us into this moment, this day, this life unfolding perfectly and miraculously even as the rain pours.

This sacred dance that is life must be welcomed with gratitude whatever it brings.  The invitation this day is to see the beauty in the rest and in the movement.  Find a balance:  Do.  Be.  Do.  Be. 

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