Monday, July 1, 2013

Following the Signs: A Mystical Dance

A splat of gum
A heart shaped cloud framing the sun
With bursts of yellow
A rainbow without the rain
A sparrow swooping
A “greater than” symbol perched in the sky
A number sequence
A fish jumping out of the water
A crow on top of the houseboat
A grasshopper standing firm all day long
A stranger’s laugh echoing through you
Reminding us that Miracles abound
When we are present to life.

Some may call this magical thinking and I wouldn’t disagree as there is definitely magic when we dance with the mystical, following the signs life presents.  Communication with realms beyond this one is as real to me as sitting at the Frothy Monkey with a friend chatting it up over coffee.  I delight in this sacred dance where I feel held in an abiding connection with the whole of the cosmos.

I got a text from a friend today who will soon experience the 1 year mark of her son’s death.  In my blog Rainbows, Butterflies, Songs…, I wrote about her following the signs and letting them infuse her with hope to go on living in the midst of her unbearable pain.  Today, she sent a photo of a rainbow with the caption:  A rainbow without the rain.  How symbolic of all the rain she has had to endure as she looked for the hope no matter how it has poured, but today, no storms and no rain, only rainbows decorating the blue skies as she sat in her backyard.  She added that she is still following the signs and even a splat of gum now has significance as she looks at the world with new focus.

Einstein observed:  There are only two ways to look at life.  One as though nothing is a miracle.  The other as though everything is a miracle. I love this!  When I live as though everything is a miracle, acknowledging that miracles abound when I am present to life, I feel the beauty of this journey with all of my heart even on my darkest days.  When I live as though nothing is a miracle, I forget the magnificence that is, that exists within all of creation and within every moment orchestrating this mystical dance perfectly even when I don’t understand it.  One fills me with abiding faith and the other makes me feel lost in a sense of meaningless, grasping for answers instead of living the questions.    

There have been countless doors closing and opening in my life over the last 2 years, 7 months and 14 days; some slamming shut and others gentler in their gradual seal; some flinging open instantly and others more painstaking in their incremental arrival at open.  Following the signs has allowed me to bridge what is with the possibilities of what will be, keeping the faith that all is well as I navigate this new life.  The signs are like head lights helping me see in the darkness of the unknown, guiding me as I walk by faith not by sight with my soul’s journey unfolding.

This past weekend at the houseboat, I had a grasshopper stand firm next to me all afternoon as I lay under the canopy on top.  I looked up the symbolism as I felt there was a message from the spirit world through the grasshopper in an undeniable way.  It said:  Grasshoppers are a symbol of good luck all over the world.  When a grasshopper appears to you, you are being asked to take a leap of faith and jump forward into a specific area of life without fear – usually, it is one area you are avoiding and it is often connected to change on a large scale: change of location, relationships, career or how you perceive yourself.  It concluded with:  You are taking the right steps to move forward in your life…listen to your inner voice you have the wisdom necessary to overcome obstacles…trust your dreams.

To me the signs are information to be used, to inspire and assure me not to rule over me in some superstitious way rendering me powerless.  It is not an obsessive seeking in following the signs rather an easiness with whatever comes my way in this magical dance.  It felt good to read the affirming words and I find value in this alone; but the greatest gift is believing that I am guided every minute of my life by assisting forces working for my highest good and greatest joy; infusing me with hope and imparting wisdom; dancing in partnership with me in ways that I can feel but could never explain. 

As I climbed out of bed yesterday morning, I heard something walking on top of the houseboat.  I walked up the spiral stairs to find a coal black crow standing there 2 feet tall with his chest out perched staring into the depths of me; and then, in a flash, he flew away cawing.  He was there to remind me:  the Magic of creation is calling out to us every day if we dare to listen.  The invitation this day is to follow the signs, listen to the magic of life calling you and inspiring you to live in the mystery where anything is possible.

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