Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Choices, Decisions, Taking Action


We move into the moment

Move forward in life

With life

Making choices

Arriving at decisions

Taking action

Some choices are choiceless

Some choices we ponder

Before arriving at a decision

Regardless of how the choices and decisions come

Taking action

Frees us

Brings in the new opportunities

The waves of energy that surge

In and through us




Ushering in miracles

Moving mountains

Inner and outer.


My friend, Nancy Lorenzano has a saying:  Life is too big to play small.  You are not small.  No matter how you may feel, you are not small.  None of us are.  Within us all lies the power to move mountains.  Holding our Self back, playing small dulls life, clogging our vitality because we are wired for change which requires us to make choices, arrive at decisions and take action.  We have everything we need free our Self, to bring in new opportunities, riding the waves of energy that surge in and through us.  We are transformed from the power in allowing changes welcomed and unwelcomed, planned and unplanned, trusting good will rise and expecting miracles that bring through more than we could have imagined.     

Inner dialogue is essential when creating an enduring foundation in which we can stand no matter how overwhelmed we are or how consumed by fear or wrecked by insecurities, doubt and worry.  Silencing the critic, the pessimist, the voice of doom and gloom through choosing words that affirm, tapping into that well of courage, making you feel good, empowering you and reprogramming old junk that is fear based and limiting. 

I remember at a time in my life when I felt stuck, confined by a sense of smallness and having an inquiry bubble up:  What if the only mountain to move is YOU?  And I heard an inner urging echoing from the depths of me:  Believe…Believe…Believe.  The choice to believe shifted everything.  Believing in myself and not judging where I was or beating myself up as if I had done something wrong that led me to feeling small, the inner mountain that was obstructing my perspective and the flow of life moved; and I was able to make choices that honored me and arrived at decisions that led to actions which freed new life as opportunities one after the other were presented. 

Moving into the moment, moving forward with life through making choices, arriving at decisions and taking action moves mountains within us and in front of us; and we look to the past to see all the mountains we have already moved and all the goodness that sprang in the wake.  The invitation this day is to ground in the moment, make choices, arrive at decisions and take actions with the intention of freeing your Self, bringing in new life and trusting everything is unfolding perfectly.   Believe...Believe...Believe.       

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