Saturday, July 13, 2013

Letting Perfectionism INSPIRE


There is a fine line

A distinct difference in intention

In motivation

In energy

Between working to attain a vision

Evolving to a higher level

Desiring more

Reaching for dreams


Obsessing to prove we are good enough

Beating our Self up for not being where we think we should be

Grinding forcefully

Stripping away the joy of living.


Perfectionism just like any human characteristic when in balance is not a negative thing.  We can hold a vision for our life, for things we want to achieve and show up each day of our life putting our precious energy into creating all that we desire because it feels good to do this; but when we feel frenetic, crazy, out-of-sorts and consumed with an idealistic view, we must pause to examine what is driving our actions, choices, way of being.  One is motivated by a sense of who we are, the gifts we possess and the joy in using these gifts to create a life that expresses us. The other is motivated by shame, by fear that we are not enough so we beat our Self up trying to prove our worth, grinding forcefully as we try to fit a perfect mold which strips away the joy of living. 

Creating a vision for our life is healthy – holding this, believing it is possible, staying the course even when events knock us off the plan we had mapped fills us with excitement and anticipation for all the goodness that is present and is to come.  Living in perpetual disappointment that you and your life are not up to par will surely bring more events that prove you right, that mirror your energy and psyche, keeping you stuck in unhealthy patterns and attitudes that make life as fun as having our finger nails ripped off one by one. 

Perfectionism can drive us to extremes where we believe it is all or nothing, we become resigned to a life that destroys us and we can adopt the fu%# its living with a sense of apathy that deadens us even as breath still pulses through our bodies. 

An inspired life doesn’t wait for everything to line up perfectly.  It knows that life is damn good even when it sucks.  Life aint all pretty and we don’t have to pretend it is but it is simultaneously beautiful.  It is living with a sense of Self where you acknowledge the magnificence that you are, the gifts you get to share with the world and exploring each day how you get use them.  It is invigorating as possibilities hatch in the most surprising ways.

The invitation this day is let perfectionism INSPIRE you!  Set a vision for your life and hold it dear.  Believe anything is possible.  Dare to want and let desires express through you.  Make choices that bring this vision to life.  Enjoy the exploration, the process, the unfolding each and every day.  Don’t wait for some day, that one day when everything lines up perfectly because it may never come.  Trust that there are perfect moments even in the most imperfect days.

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