Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lost and Found


Life happens

Things get lost

Causing great inconvenience

Irritating us

Pissing us off

And suddenly

The seas part

Clarity comes

We understand

That the universe orchestrated even this

To lead us where we needed to go

In order to meet who we needed to me

It is the cosmic dance of lost and found


I used the valet parking as I have done a hundred times before at this very location.  The guys were busier than hell with cars lined up the street which can lead to a fine by the city of Nashville so they were sprinting from the parking lot to the next car.  Knowing the drill, I had my key fob in hand ready to make the exchange as efficient as possible.  I hopped out and got my receipt #997 which I tucked into my pants pocket for safe keeping.  As I made my way into the restaurant, I added the receipt number 9+9+7 = 5, delighting in the invitation of the 5 energy to be free, soak up the adventure of life by being in the direct experiences which brings a depth like nothing else can.

Meeting friends for dinner, we ate our meal and enjoyed conversation for a couple of hours before heading out to hear some music.  At the end of the night, I walked back to the valet to get my vehicle.  One of the guys pulled around what he thought was my vehicle and began to panic when I said it wasn’t my car.  With flashlight in hand, they were scanning all the keys dangling in the box organized by numbers.  I offered to help them look but this only added to their heightened inner chaos as others gathered around the valet station waiting on their cars and being informed that their keys were missing.  Everyone was oddly understanding as the valet called cabs and assured us as they took our information that this would be resolved as soon as possible and apologized for the inconvenience.
The next morning, I had a voicemail message from the manager, apologizing once again and stating that they were waiting to see if someone calls after discovering a lanyard of missing keys that one of the valets dropped in their car.  He added that if this didn’t happen by the end of the day, he would call me back to get another key fob made for me.  I went about my day not giving it another thought until I got another voicemail from the manager saying they had found the keys and just needed instruction from me as to where I wanted them delivered.  I called him back and left him a message explaining that I was heading to my houseboat on Lake Cumberland in Kentucky and would pick them up when I return on Sunday.

The manager called again and this time, we actually connected.  He was so professional in the way he handled everything even offering a gift certificate to Tavern for my troubles which made me let out a celebratory Thank You giggling that it would buy my dinner for the week because I am a regular.  This exchange broke through the business mode and suddenly, we were human to human.  He said:  You mentioned that you are in Kentucky and I am from Kentucky (Eastern Kentucky).  We spoke of our love for Kentucky and I shared my profound experience of the Hillbilly Zen wisdom through my late-husband and the soulful people who call this home.  This led to a timeless conversation as if we had known each other forever, pouring our hearts out about the magic of this sacred place and bearing our souls as we exchanged stories of synchronicity and the divine orchestration of life often overlooked but undeniable.

We couldn’t believe the gift we had been given by these unexpected turn of events that on the surface caused irritation and inconvenience but on a deeper level revealed the cosmic dance of lost and found.  Even the lost keys had a purpose that would have been easy to overlook if I hadn’t recognized all I had found as a result of these events unfolding perfectly.  I smile as I didn’t recall saying on my voicemail message that I was going to my houseboat on Lake Cumberland in Kentucky but this information (that I would consider TMI: too much info) led to the conversation that nourished us both.  If we never speak again or never meet, it matters not as I recognize that I don’t have to force this or worry about what it all means – all I have to do is accept the beauty that springs from the most unlikely places revealing the miracle of connection whether brief or over a lifetime.  

The invitation this day is to recognize the cosmic dance of lost and found.  Look at the synchronicity, the events that unfold perfectly leading you to new perspectives, new places, new people and new life.  Finding our way includes getting lost.  Look for the miracles of these mystical connections that make your soul blossom.

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