Friday, July 26, 2013

This Morning


The caw of the crow ushered me

From dream state into wake

I pulled the curtains back

Open to the day

The fog hovered over the lake

Like smoke moving and shifting in the air

The sun burned through

Shaped as a half moon

Beams breaking through like a laser

I stood there

Experiencing the miracle before me

This morning.

I put on my running clothes and shoes

One foot in front of the other

My flat feet slapped the wooden dock

As I grounded in the day

Giving thanks

Tuning in and sending love to All

Feeling the hot tears bubble up

As wonder and awe held me

This morning.

I headed up Grider Hill

My pace slowing

As I climbed it

My breathing labored

My glutes engaged and powerful

Victoriously cresting

The sun and the moon both bathing me

Inspiring me

With their generosity in sharing their forces

This morning.

The rolling terrain lined with breath-taking views

That I have seen over the last 20 years

But never as I am seeing them now

This morning.

The spider webs covered with dew

 Become visible

Like cotton stretched across the hillside

The fresh bird droppings perfectly splat

Paint the red dirt road

The sweet smell of the honey suckle

A stark contrast to the cow pies smoking in the pasture

The rabbit bounding across the road

Disappearing into the woods

Make my heart leap and dance

The cows pulling grass by the roots from this earth

Creating a hum, a droning rhythm

This morning.

I turn to head back to the houseboat

The trucks roll by

Hugging the winding curves

Leaving the scent of diesel fuel in their wake

Boats on trailers

Being hauled to the waters

Inviting a day of fun

The fishermen beaming from their sense of accomplishment

Nourished by their primal urge

To hunt and gather

Sleepy from an early wakeup call

Fed by the waters, the camaraderie, the thrills

This morning.

My rubber soles strike the wooden dock

With a light drumming sound

As I have awakened to more of my Self

The person who headed out the door

Is not the one who is returning

This morning.

I plunge into the cool waters

Still with no ripples

Only sun beams and moon beams

Dancing like a hologram

A black and yellow butterfly joins me

In this sacred dance

This morning.

I feel a part of the whole of the universe

And acknowledge that I could be anywhere in the world

But here I am

Living this wondrous adventure

I bow to the beauty of life

This morning.

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