Monday, July 22, 2013

True Colors

No matter if we are feeling blue

Or fueled with a fiery red passion

Or basking in the yellow glow of sunshine

We are every color at heart

An inner rainbow

Lit by the essence

Of who we truly are

On days or in moments

When we forget

It helps to remind each other

That we are beautiful



This morning at the gym, Cyndi Lauper’s song True Colors poured through the speakers, lightening my heart and helping remember who I truly am.  I used to lead a workshop Mining for Your Gold and would play this song as part of a meditation because it is powerful in the depth of her delivery and the soulful lyrics that affirm who we truly are and how beautiful each of us is no matter what.  This is truth so when we remember and when we remind each other, we are acknowledging the magnificence within that cannot be diminished by our humanness – anything we think, do or say that isn’t in line with who we truly are.  It is unconditional and not contingent upon some idea of perfection that we create – it is beyond our limited Self as this is our higher Self, our divine essence, the soul.

In times of struggle, the colors of our life seem to fade but even then, we are lit by that which is eternal.  When we see loved ones in turmoil, it is easy to jump into the muck with them and feel overwhelmed by darkness; but if we dare to stand in our True Colors, on higher ground beyond circumstances, reminding them of who they truly are, holding space for what is possible for their life, inviting them to fight for their life and mirroring the beauty that is, we welcome miracles to unfold through us and through others.

No matter what you think, do or say, you are the magnificence of the Creator in human form shining a light that cannot be extinguished.  Never give up on yourself and never give up on others.  There is a soul force within you that never gives up on you urging you to remember, to take the next step, to make the choice that frees you, to reach out for the help you need, to create a life you love that reflects your true colors.

The invitation this day is to acknowledge that you are every color at heart, an inner rainbow lit by the essence of you truly are.  Stand in your true colors and mirror for others the beauty that is and will always be.  Play Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors and close your eyes so you can sip in the Truth of all that lies within you.  Feel the rainbow bursting from your heart like fireworks lighting the sky.  Be in awe.  Hold your heart in gratitude for your life and all life.    

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