Wednesday, July 3, 2013

People We Pass Along the Way

I shall pass this way but once
Therefore, any good I can do,
Any kindness I can bestow,
Let me do it now
For I shall not pass this way again…
-William Penn

Yesterday morning on my way to the fitness center on the 4th floor of my Condo building, I passed by one of the housekeepers who I see regularly at this time of day.  We always stop and exchange pleasantries.  I always thank her for all she does for me and the tenants keeping the building so beautiful; but today, she needed to hear this in a way that I could not have known.  When I looked her in the eye thanking her, seeing her human to human, acknowledging all she does and showering her with heartfelt appreciation, she began to cry and asked if she could hug me.  We embraced as she said over and over in a crackling voice laced with tears and joy: You see what I do…you really see what I do…Oh, Thank you…Thank you.

As we parted ways getting on with our days, I thanked the Heavens that I got to be a part of such a rich exchange that reminded me once again of the power of connection, timing and how we all want to be seen and appreciated.  In the hectic pace of life, it is easy to be blind to the people we pass along the way.  Heck!  We are often blind to our Self, feeling disconnected, out of touch and anything but kind ignoring our needs.

After my workout, I began to write, stretching my leg across the island in my kitchen as I stood in front of my laptop typing away.  All of a sudden, a window washer tethered from cords was hanging outside my window working away.  I began to laugh out loud waving to him and grabbed my phone to take a photo.  He stopped and waved and laughed along with me as I captured the moment.  In this silent exchange, there was so much fun that I gave thanks to the Heavens that I got to experience it.

Just a few hours later I was finishing a phone session when two guys dropped in front of my window on scaffolding suspended by cables as they descended doing structural repairs to the building.  We waved and smiled at each other with exuberance happy to be seen and for the brief connection.  Again, I thanked the Heavens.

I headed to the grocery store and immediately saw a group of firemen shopping in the produce section.  In the wake of the 19 firemen who died, I felt compelled to thank them for their service and all they do and how I just take them for granted knowing they help keep me and the community safe.  They were touched by our conversation, getting misty eyed as they stood there tall and strong and reminded me that serving is in their blood, it is just what they do.  I understood what they were saying but let them know how glad I am that they do what they do and just wanted them to know.  I gave thanks as I made my way through the store checking off the items on my list one by one. 

There were even more profound encounters throughout the course of that day from the cashier at the grocery to the concierge team in my building and the mail man, the valet and the server at dinner.   I paused to reflect on the fact that each day is filled with opportunities to connect, to see and touch the people we pass along the way whether it is in the elevator or on the street but we don’t seize the moment.  We rob ourselves of the richness in these heart to heart experiences.  I definitely feel the power of the kindness offered to me and the kindness I got to bestow on others as I am high on life from the divinely mundane moments that have made up my day and make up my life.

The invitation this day is to remember:  You shall pass this way but once…any good you can do, any kindness you can bestow, do it now for you shall not pass this way again…

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