Monday, July 29, 2013

Sweet Freedom

Things don’t go our way

People do & say crazy shit

Our food arrives cold at a restaurant

The customer service specialist places us on hold forever

Our neighbors paint their house neon orange

The furniture we ordered gets doubled

And returning it takes 25 phones calls over a month

There are things we can control

And things we cannot

Knowing the difference

Makes all the difference

As trying to control the uncontrollable is hell

But letting go

Brings freedom


There are moments of crazy when I am trying to control the uncontrollable and moments of grace where I let go and experience freedom.  It is difficult for us to acknowledge that we are not in control – that life will always bring us things that we can’t fix or manage.  It is frustrating when things don’t go our way but there comes a point when we must let go instead of dwelling on the events.  The good news is we get to choose our response which ultimately places us in control of our life no matter the circumstances that come our way.  Sweet!
Some of us can let go easier than others but all of us can get there.  I often tease with my close friends and family who knew me before John died where I was more of a control freak and know me now where I let go effortlessly that they can thank John for dying and freeing me.  That is sick humor, I know, but it is actually the truth and John more than anyone would appreciate this light-hearted attitude.  It is an expensive gift but I enjoy a level of freedom that I never knew was possible in the wake of John’s death.  Clarity came as to what I want to plug my energy into and what I don’t and won’t.
The Direct TV guy just left my condo.  After planning, getting the TV’s mounted and scheduling time, he can’t install the dish because my balcony doesn’t face the direction it needs to.  He gushed with apologies that no one informed me of this or asked the right questions.  Then, he got his supervisor on the phone who expressed his regret for inconveniencing me.  I assured them both it was no biggie thanking them and moving on with my day.
A friend is stuck in the airport which is on my top 5 list of crap I would rather avoid so I was feeling her pain.  Then, we begin to chat about all that time to read the book that she has been dying to finish.  Everything began to shift as she focused on the good and I could hear her excitement in this freedom.
My neighbor is dreading her mother in-law coming into town because she is rude to people barking orders in restaurants and to the staff in our building.  This embarrasses my neighbor and pisses her off.  We began to strategize laughing out loud as we shared ideas where she can warn the staff and pull the waiters aside and tip them extra.  And I reminded her that it was only a few days and to give thanks to the heavens that she only has to see her a couple of times a year AND be thankful she isn’t wired that way because I can’t imagine it is much fun to be that grumpy. 
The invitation this day and this lifetime is to find your way to sweet freedom.  Choose your attitude and let go of the crap that you can’t control.  Acknowledge that the small stuff gets on your nerves but choose not to sweat it.  Use the powerful medicine of humor.  Life is far too amazing to waste precious energy on things that in the end truly won’t matter.

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