Friday, May 31, 2013

Every Storm Runs Out of Rain

The storms of life blow in
Sweep us off our feet
Pick us up and carry us
Into worlds within this world
That we never imagined existed.
And then the storm runs out of rain
Calm returns
We find new ground
But we are not the same
As the storm has forever altered the course of our life
And somehow
We find a way to be grateful
For even that which we cursed.

There is a country song performed and co-written by Gary Allen titled:  Every Storm Runs Out of Rain.  I couldn’t tell you the lyrics because I have only heard it a few times but the images it brings forward for me and the emotions it stirs assure me that I am not alone, that the human experience that we share is one of shattering pain that nothing can prepare us for or protect us from and one of joy so magnificent and miraculous that we hold our hearts with a sense of awe.    

It matters not the force of the storms we endure, each of us must find our way to new ground and allow who we have become to navigate this unexpected path in a life we don’t yet see.  With each step, we discover we are far more than we believed our Self to be tapping into more strength, courage, and wisdom than we have ever known.  Sure-footed in the ruins of a life that was, stumbling through the rocky terrain yet staying the course, standing taller than before in a sense of Self that transcends the circumstances.  And we eventually find a way to be grateful for even that which we have cursed.

We truly are the heroes in our own adventures.  In our natural tendency to compare our Self to others, we can lose sight of the beauty of our own life filled with moments of tragedy and moments of triumph, moments where fear grips us so tightly we become paralyzed and moments where we soar magically riding on waves of grace.  The people we call our heroes throughout history are mirrors of all that lies within us.  We are drawn to these kindred souls who are no longer in physical form but the spirit of their lives still blaze and illuminate because they are hope that no matter what the storms bring, we can carry on.  And each of us is hope.  Our personal stories and collective story are filled with the energy of hope:  Keep on going…Never Give Up…I think I can!  I think I can!  I can!

I love this human journey and those who share it with me.  I don’t have to know the details of everyone’s story to know that at some point they have faced storms that they wondered if the rain would ever stop.  Our stories play out differently but no one walks through this life unscathed. 

The invitation this day is to acknowledge the hero that you are and the hope that you pass on simply by being you and standing tall after being knocked to your knees by life’s storms.  And for those of you still waiting for the storm to run out of rain, know that the whole of humanity stands with you as well as the heavenly realms infusing you with the energy of hope.

I leave you with these words written by my kindred soul sister, Louisa May Alcott:  I am no longer afraid of the storms for I am learning to sail my ship.  May she rest in peace knowing she sailed her ship brilliantly all her days here on earth.


  1. Kathy, We are all in the lemonade business. Thank you for helping me and others realize this fact.

  2. Amen, Matt!!!! YOU are my hero, dear. Your comment posted at 10:10 which is a symbol of beginnings and endings. Our lives are a series of beginnings and endings but some absolutely SUCK and kick our asses hard...some are welcomed but we must be with it all. LOVE YOU my friend, Kathy