Sunday, May 12, 2013

PLAYing with the Universe

We are here to play in the spirit of co-creation with the universe.
Tuning in each day to what we want for our life.
Setting intentions that reveal the obstacles we create that block all we desire.
Exercising our power of choice where we have choices.
Accepting what is that we cannot will away.
Allowing grace to blow through us, stir us and move us forward.
Showing up for the dance moment by moment:  resisting & flowing.
And giving thanks for even the crap we want to wish away!

One of my intentions is letting go in order to reach for more!  This is an organic process for me, a way of being.  When I am working with numerology or coaching clients, this is also my invitation to them.  The inquiry: what beliefs, ideas, thoughts, behaviors, old patterns and outdated programs am I hanging on to that prevent me from freeing new energies and living the life I desire?  What if the only thing standing in the way is YOU and your choices?  Now, I understand that some choices are more difficult to make and more often than not, we can’t even see that we are getting in our own way.  We truly aren’t even conscious of the crap that drives us into the ditch so compassion for our Self is essential.  Being kind and gentle, not beating our Self up or forcing changes that are motivated by shame (the SHOULDS…or hijacked by the perfectionist that is afraid to be human) rather making changes out of love and respect for our Self and the lives we are privileged to live.

A numerology client sent me a text with a quote from Einstein:  I must be willing to give up what I am, in order to become what I will be…She shared that this reminded her of our work together.  Einstein is a source of inspiration for me because he lived in play with the universe allowing what had never been and what others believed couldn’t come through him.  He didn’t allow the limited beliefs of others to interfere with his need to play with limitlessness.  His most quoted wisdom is:  I want to know what God thinks, the rest are details…He tuned in to the inner voices, the guidance and the let the soul force of the universe take him and dance him beyond his limited Self.  This level of letting go requires play in that we don’t know where we will be taken.  It is a journey into the unknown where our need to control cannot companion us.  Einstein brilliantly surrendered dropping into the mystical world AND he took care of the details exercising his power of choice.  This is the dance of effort and grace, doing what we can and trusting the heavens to blow through us in ways that astonish and shock the hell out of us.

Life shows each of us that we are far more than we believed our Self to be!  I never wanted to be a nurse or a mom yet I nursed and mothered my own mom beautifully (oh my gosh, it is Mother’s Day…Happy Mother’s Day!) which taught me that love, the love for another can inspire us to reach beyond our self-imposed limitations in order to do what we must.  I nursed and mothered my brother, Michael, my late-husband, and my Self as I let grief swallow me in order to save me and transform my life.

The invitation this day is to begin to assess your beliefs and where they originated asking if they serve your highest good and greatest joy, filling you with a sense of play in this life or do they limit and restrict the flow?  With both feet on the ground welcome the dance with the universe asking: What will life show me today?  What will come through me – how will I be used this day?

Remember:  Our JOY makes life rich.  Play hard…free your JOY!

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