Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Answers Come with Time and Love

It is our nature to look outside
Of our Self
For the answers
But with time and love
We find the answers
Where they have been all along
Within us
And come to see that the time and love
Was necessary
Was essential
To arriving at the answers.

In my work as a life coach and numerologist, I do not see my role as giving others the answers rather as standing with them, making safe space so they can journey within, learn to trust their Self and remember the song in their hearts so they can live their truest life. 

It is funnier than hell for me to hear people’s responses when I share that I am a life coach.  Some will speak of their personal stories with coaching which are a mix of horror stories and profoundly life-enhancing experiences where the gratitude is palpable.  Last week, a no nonsense guy named Jonathan from around the Georgia-Florida line said with his sweet southern draw:  Excuse me for what I am about to say, but you basically teach’em how to grow a pair.  I loved his bluntness and laughed along with him explaining that to me growin’ a pair is living our truth which is tough for all of us.  And facing our Self honestly requires patience and time as the answers bubble up organically when we are ready; and this is only possible when we can love all of our Self, the stuff we see as crappy and flawed as well as the stuff we actually like and appreciate.  He nodded silently pausing to take it all in and then added:  You sure have a sense of connection to people.  I agreed with him and said that this comes from knowing my Self and connecting compassionately with my Self, understanding that this human journey is messy and magnificent – both!

I have a sign with vibrant splashes of red, pink, orange, yellow, green and aqua that says:  She knew the answers would come with time and love.  Often, we have to start with looking outside of our Self for the answers, referencing who we believe to be experts and adopting what friends and family believe are the reasonable answers.  Looking outside of our Self is necessary but prevents us from dropping into where we really need to go.  Ultimately, we must go within to discover the truth, our personal truth.  This truth is not meant to be understood by anyone but us. But oh, we will share it expecting others to affirm us, understand us, approve of us, love us and even applaud us.  Many will not support your truth especially if it threatens their beliefs of how things should be or affects their life.

There is a moment where we see the truth that we must give our Self the unconditional understanding, the complete acceptance and the unwavering love that we long for others to give us and release them from this expectation.  The seas part, the veils lift and:  We find the answers where here they have been all along…Within us…And come to see that the time and love…Was necessary…Was essential…To arriving at the

The invitation this day is to trust your Self above all else, knowing the answers come with time and love.

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