Thursday, May 2, 2013

Moving Day!

Christmas Eve must have felt like this as a child.
The anticipation of the gifts.
The surprises that are sure to come.
The treats only found on special occasions.
The belief in the magic of life...

I am in awe of all the seas that have parted, the mountains that have moved to make this day happen.  It is moving day...woohoo!  I leave here with my heart full of gratitude and a belief in the magic of life as it unfolds perfectly even in the imperfections.

My last day was spent speaking to a group about this very thing.  The orchestration of life and how it brings events and people into our lives that usher us in to more of who we are, into this grand adventure that is the human journey.

My family surprised me with a going away dinner.  When people asked me what my family had to say about my move, this wasn't even a thought for me in considering what was next.  We are at a place where we respect each other and love each other so much that we want whatever is best.  This is miraculous to me as we used to be so enmeshed that we couldn't make a choice without the tribal approval.  They showered me with well wishes.  We shed lots of tears.  Stories were told that we have told a thousand times as we delighted in being with each other to mark this moment in my life.

My nephew's wife, Jan, who is my friend wrote the following that sums up the night: 
A Toast to Kathy!
So Kathy you're leaving
and we're a little bit grieving
though Nashville is close
we must say a toast
so here is to "Gee"
who has big dreams
she writes on the walls
and hula hoops in her halls
I often call her when I feel stuck
she cheers me up
her favorite word is fu%$
she has 100 cats
and wears many hats
she's a writer, a reader, a runner, a cat breeder? (No Maybe?)
She studies numbers
She meditates and believes in fate
She wrote a book, ran a race, made a speech, motivates
She is a sister, a godmother, a friend, an aunt and a person who doesn't know the word can't
Her true love is in Heaven but not far from reach
he guides her and encourages her, his soul she keeps
Enough of the seriousness
this is supposed to be funny
Back to Kathy now or noses will get runny
Kathy, we love you!  We wish you the best in Nashville or bust
we wish you good luck...
To Kathy!   

I sit here on my floor for the last time typing this blog.  It is 3:15am and this train is pulling out of the station in 45 minutes fueled by love and passion.  Life is so damn good.  The invitation is to stay open to the suprises that come your way!

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