Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lucky US!

Is an expression of the abundance
That is this gift of life.
To have breath in our bodies this day
Is to know richness beyond measure.
To acknowledge the fortune we possess
Within our being and within all experiences
Is to live in perpetual wealth.

A new friend texted a message of appreciation for our connection and time together, expressing her excitement over all the fun we had and all the fun that is sure to come.  I simply responded:  Lucky US!  And she messaged back:  YESSSS!  I love that:  Lucky US!  We are so lucky.

This expression, this acknowledgement of Luck has been spontaneous, a new word to language the energy I was feeling.  I heard myself begin to say it a few months ago when the server brought me my favorite Tuscan Kale Salad asking:  Tuscan Kale Salad?  To which I smiled and responded:  Yes!  Lucky me.  He agreed saying it is his favorite too and we had a chuckle together.

When I reflect on my life journey with my late-husband, John, I acknowledge how Lucky I am to have known such great love that continues to fuel my life and would never permit me to be a victim of his sudden death rather a recipient of the abundance we shared. 

Friends and family back in Indianapolis send cards, texts and emails letting me know they miss me and love me.  I soak this in and think:  Lucky me!  To be loved and to be missed is beautiful.

Now, I am not saying that we all don’t have moments where we aren’t feeling so Lucky.  I can’t help but think of the scene from The Bucket List where Jack Nicholson’s character is puking his guts up in the hospital bathroom after finishing a round of chemo.  He looks in the mirror feeling like hell and says:  Just think.  Some lucky son of bitch is dying of a heart attack right now…

Life is definitely a little bit of heaven and a little bit of hell inviting us to hold the paradox, be present to it all unconditionally which allows us to release the tension of the opposites, freeing us to experience the richness of life no matter what comes.

The lotto pay out of $370 million was a hot topic yesterday as I buzzed around town, talking about the Lucky winner.  People dreaming of what they would do, how their life would be different, painting a picture of something better, using their imagination to drop into the freedom that comes from that kind of wealth.  This is fun to do!  And I even believe it can help us identify wants and desires for our life that can stoke our creative fires and expand us.  But the invitation is to remember:  We are all LUCKY to have breath in our bodies this day.

The idea for this piece had come to me last night as I sat on my balcony breathing in the stars and the new moon, feeling the possibilities for my life and saying silently:  Lucky me…Lucky me…Lucky me.  On my way to the gym this morning, I saw the news flashing images of the devastation left behind in the wake of the tornadoes that blazed through Oklahoma.  24 are reported dead. 

I say it again.  The invitation this day is to remember:  We are all LUCKY to have breath in our bodies this day.  And, have fun in adopting the phrases:  Lucky me!  Lucky US!  Wherever you are:  Lucky me…I GET to do this.  Lucky me…I GET to live this life.  Lucky me…I get to celebrate another birthday, another day here on earth.  Lucky US…we get to enjoy this life together.  I promise that saying this will shift your energy into abundant living soaking up the richness found all of our days.  And if you aren't feeling so Lucky to be you and to be alive, use that information to inspire necessary changes, exercising your power of choices to create a life you feel Lucky to live.

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