Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Amazing Grace

Miracles blow through us
Doing what we alone cannot
Allowing us to see with clarity what had escaped us
Bringing forth wisdom that explains the mystical
Revealing the beauty even in the horrors of this life
Helping us let go of what we had gripped so tightly
Ushering in new energies, new beginnings, new life.

Aaron Neville’s live! version of Amazing Grace was my late-husband, John’s favorite.  He would crank it up in his truck as we barreled down the road, singing this old spiritual hymn from the depths of him, his eyes welling up with tears from all that it stirred.  The lyrics poetic:  Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me…I once was lost but now, I’m found…was blind but now I see.  This song is loved by humanity as it languages our soul’s journey, our personal odysseys that lead us home to our truest Self and our truest life through days we curse and days we bless.

We are people of miracles not because of anything in particular we do rather it is the amazing grace of the universe that parts the seas, makes the space, opens our eyes so we can see what was not possible before.  We feel lost one moment and the next, we have found our Self standing on new ground at immeasurable heights with a bird’s eye view of the world that we didn’t even know existed.  We are astonished.  How could this be?  It is amazing grace at work through each of our lives doing what we alone cannot. 

We are guided through these graces all our days.  This energy is ever- present, spiraling through our every breath, but our willingness to tune in, listen and trust the wisdom that arises is a healing balm even on the darkest days.  The bitter is made sweet in this connection.  And often, in spite of our Self, our resistance to believe in these assisting forces we cannot see, amazing grace creates the space, helps us let go of what we have gripped so tightly, ushering in new beginnings and new life.  This is miraculous and makes me sigh in the wonder and magnificence.

The tragedies of this world like the tornado in Kansas that break our hearts, take us to our knees, shatter the foundations on which we have stood can only be reconciled through the amazing grace that sweeps in to support us.  The well within us that holds us, that contains our pain and makes us whole in our shatteredness is this grace at work.  The mind will naturally try to make sense of that which makes no sense, attempting to process churning events over and over again, but it is grace that allows us to rest in the midst of the horrors we witness in this life.    

The invitation this day is to look to the past for evidence of amazing grace at work in your life so you can remember we are people of miracles.  Give thanks all day long sending silent thank you’s to these assisting forces.  Welcome it.  Expect it.  Trust when you ask for guidance, you receive it even when it doesn’t seem that way because you are attached to how it should unfold.  And even when you don’t ask, amazing grace will do what you alone cannot because it supports our highest good and greatest joy all our days.

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