Saturday, May 18, 2013

Being HOME within My Self

Communicating with friends and family
I have found myself saying again and again
Not just physically HOME here in Nashville
But HOME within My Self
In a way I never have been.

What is this? I inquire as I sit here filled with awe and wonder.  There are no tethers to the past that fragment me with parts in Indianapolis and parts here or energies from past events that drain the energy for right here and now.  It has all integrated and is a part of me not outside of me and this life that leaves me feeling:  Everything old has been made new again.  I belong here and I am not attached to being here.   How did I arrive here?  I am free.  I am, in the truest sense, at a depth unknown to me before.  I don’t know how it has only been 2 weeks since my move to Nashville because it feels like a lifetime already.  I am HOME.  I am home in ways that surprise the hell out of me and fill me with excitement as I enter each day.  I am home within my Self as I have never been before which allows me to rest and lean in to even uncomfortable and awkward experiences.  I am safe.  I am not seeking anything outside of me here and this makes all the adventures I wander into even richer than I could have ever imagined.  That feeling has intensified that I am always among friends as I am a friend to my Self, trusting my Self and knowing I have my own back come what may.  Some days are busier than others but it all feels so easy.  There aren’t expectations around why I am here, yet I expect great things every single day and I find them in grand and small ways that never cease to amaze and delight me.  People have asked Why Nashville? to which I often respond Why not? with a chuckle.  I am really not trying to be a smartass which I can be but not in this case.  This transition, this move into my new life has been following nothing reasonable rather flowing with a sense of not needing to know why, not needing a reason that boxes in and limits the energy surrounding my life and this journey.  I really don’t have to know and it is nothing short of a miracle that I have arrived at this sense of HOME that allows me to roam within my Self and within this world with joy in my heart and both feet planted on the ground.  Life is AWEsome and wondrous filled with some questions that must be lived not figured out.

The invitation this day is exploring your sense of HOME: mind, body, heart and soul.  Where do you rest within the world and within yourself?  What do you stand on when the outer world shakes your foundation?  Where do you feel safe come what may? 

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