Tuesday, May 28, 2013

No Internet, No Shoes, No Problems...

The instant we become aware
That we are making a mountain out of a molehill
That we are creating a problem with our way of thinking
That we have the power of choice to pause, to assess and to shift
Into a new perspective
The whole of our life changes
And we are free
To enjoy life
As it is.

I headed to my houseboat on Lake Cumberland to enjoy Memorial Day weekend with my family.  It was my first trip of the season so there were things to do to officially open the boat like clean, purge and reorganize.  I had also planned to catch up on my backlog of emails and to write my blog. 

Enjoying time with the family was easy.  From the moment we gathered, we laughed literally until we almost wet our swim suits as we told stories, caught up on each other’s lives, played the dominos game, Mexican Train, watched Bridesmaids again, and ate a balance of good food off the grill and junk that goes along with being on vacation.  It never ceases to amaze me at how far we have come as individuals and as a family where we truly allow each other to be who we are and where we are respectfully and lovingly.  The appreciation we have for how each of us is wired and how we uniquely view the world creates rich conversation that expands the goodness of this life.

Cleaning, purging and reorganizing helped me to ground in present time and to make space for the new season of my life and at the lake.  Seeing John’s handwriting in permanent marker instructing me as to which switch does what and which key goes to what made me smile in that he continues to take care of me in such a practical sense.  There were photos of John covering the frig, a memorial tribute that I chose to pare down to just a few.  Even though I had gotten rid of most of his clothes, his swim trunks were still in the dresser drawer so I packed them up and gave them away.  Going through the cabinets and the storage under the hull, I announced that no one ever needs to bring trash bags, razors, Qtips or deodorant because there is a lifetime supply thanks to John.  The humor and the actual clearing out of the old moved energy through me in ways I could never have anticipated which made me see the miracle of not just my ability to be at the lake, but to love it, to feel nourished by it and to make plans for all that is to come there.

Blogging and catching up on email was not to be due to no internet access.  Technology is a beautiful thing.  I can remember a time when I had to ride my Sea Doo over to the gas dock a few times each day to use the pay phone to check in with my business because my pager didn’t work, cell phones were rare and if you had one, there was no coverage in remote areas so I give thanks for how far we have come even though it is hit or miss.  There were summers that John and I spent on the lake that wouldn’t have been possible without internet and cell phones that permitted us to conduct business.  Of course, it is frustrating when things don’t go as planned so I was feeling this as I tried to post my blog and get onto my email.  But the instant I became aware that I was making a mountain out of a molehill, that I was creating a problem by my way of thinking and that I had the power of choice to shift into a new perspective, everything changed and I was free to enjoy life as it was:  No Internet, No Shoes, No Problems.
There is a sign that hangs inside my houseboat which was an anniversary gift from John that continues to inspire:  Gather with Grateful Hearts.  To be grateful for life, for the day, for the moment of awareness and clarity creates a level of freedom where our joy is unconditional.  We can curse things for not going our way and feel the frustration AND we can pause, assess and shift into a new perspective that lightens our hearts and releases the tension. 

The invitation this day is to own your power of choice and to exercise it over and over again as problems arise grounded in a sense of responsibility for your life and the life you want to create.  There will never be a time when we aren’t challenged by life but your response to the events changes everything.

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