Sunday, May 19, 2013

The GIFT of the Shooting Star

Out of nowhere it sprang
Making it Self known everywhere
Through my mind, heart, body and soul
Brilliance exploding briefly yet profoundly
Leaving me gasping with jaw wide open
Grateful for this wondrous gift.

The Disney classic:  When You Wish Upon a Star played in my head as the magic of the moment fell upon me.  What an unexpected and glorious gift to witness and commune with a shooting star.  I have only experienced a few in my lifetime and each marked times of transition where possibilities were hatching miraculously inviting me to simply allow and not try to force life to be other than it is.  My wish last night was for more surprises as I have adopted the mantra:  Surprise!  Surprise!  Surprise!  which feeds my pioneering spirit and thirst for exploration in this life.

I love the Serbian Proverb:  You are made of Stars as it reminds us of the magnificence that bursts through each of us no matter how screwed up or messed up we may appear and this brilliance cannot be tarnished in spite of our life choices as it simply is the essence of who we are.  It exists within us all our days and cannot be extinguished only forgotten.  And that connection we feel to those who leave this earth is this energy that is eternally dancing whether in physical form or spirit.

We live in a celebrity obsessed culture as we are identified more with the outward than the inward.  Movie Stars, Rock Stars, TV Stars, Football Stars, and Basketball Stars – all the Stars that we idolize mirror the light that shines through our individual lives.  We witness their greatness on the stage or on the field (which is a blast to do!!!) impressed by their specialness, believing that are better than us or more than us because of what they do, forgetting it is within us too and has been there all along.    

We are all shooting stars springing out of nowhere; our Presence felt everywhere, brilliance exploding briefly yet profoundly.  Soak that in.

The invitation is to be in awe of who you are, of your individuality, of your life that you are privileged to live.  And be in awe of the celebrities and stars that entertain us recognizing that we are all impressive as hell; we are all rock stars of our own lives.  So damn Cool!

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