Monday, November 11, 2013

Vet's Day: Remembering MY HERO!


No way to forget


John Threewits

A part of every cell

Within me

Outside of me

The WIND beneath my wings


In spirit


Watching over



Waves of LOVE


Abiding Peace

Holding me

Spiraling through me

Whispering guidance

Flooding me with laughter

Urging me on


Our dance eternal

Soul to soul

In life

He played many roles


Vietnam Vet

Friend to ALL








Larger than life

Supa dupa man


Not afraid to LIVE

Not afraid to DIE

Holding the paradox




In a sense of Self


On his terms

Doing what he loved


Loving what he did

His Spirit ever-FREE

Childlike WONDER



At PLAY all day


WALKing in a field of KINDNESS


Extra extra SHINEY!

SMILING with all of him

Santa JUJU

Bringing the JOY

Bringing the LAUGHTER

APPRECIATing others


The gift of life

All day

Every day

LIVING the adventure

One day at a time

Like each day might be the last


There will NEVER be another DAY

Just like this ONE

So ENJOY it!

My late-husband, John Threewits is not just my hero because of how he showed up in our relationship but how he showed up in relationship to the whole of the world – his generosity and kindness created miracles as he was a friend to all.  People who met him even briefly never forgot him.  When he died, I received love letters from men and women and children, people I had never met who John had touched.  They told story after story about John’s big heart showering them and how they could never forget him.  He was truly one of the shiniest people that walked this earth and even though he now dwells in Spirit, I feel him alive within me echoing truths and cheering me on every minute of every day.  He is not separate from this lifetime I am living, he is a part of it all; and I hear him giggling with delight in the freedom I now enjoy that he lived.  This love of life made possible from the life I shared with John and from the trauma of his sudden death.

How fitting that the last day we were physically together was a day of remembering heroes: Veteran’s Day, November 11, 2010.  That morning was absolutely magical.  Our souls knowing what the graces of the heavens veiled from our consciousness that this would be our last moments shared in form.  I can still feel John’s arms holding me as the sun was shining through the windows that wrapped around our kitchen.  Our hearts were wide open and mystically light as we said our goodbyes and I love you’s with a deep reverence and sense of us and all that we shared, the life made possible fueled by our love. 

John headed down the road to his favorite place in all of the world, our houseboat in Kentucky.  It was hunting season and climbing those foothills, experiencing the beauty of nature with his dear friends fed him in a way nothing else could so he was excited about the trip.  Realizing it was Veteran’s Day, I picked up the phone and called John.  He was driving over the bridge in Louisville, a couple hours into his adventure and answered the phone with enthusiasm genuinely happy to hear from me.  I yelled:  Hey Baby!  HAPPY VETERAN’S DAY! and began to sing playfully yet sincerely:  Did you ever know you are my HERO?  You’re everything I’d like to be…I can fly higher than an eagle ‘cause you are the wind beneath my wings…With all of his heart, he said over and over:  Thanks Gee!  Thanks Gee!  Awwwww…Thanks!

Over the 17 years of living our great adventure together, we expressed our feelings effortlessly, our heartfelt appreciation for each other, how each of us showed up for life and how this affected us, others and the world.  He reminded me that I mattered (Your SHIT matters, Gee! Hahaha!) and I reminded him that he mattered.  This kind of transcendent love doesn’t leave us, it continues to fertilize our seeds of potential for the more that awaits, growing and blossoming and flowing with a sense of aliveness.

Just a few hours after John’s death, I remember clutching my heart and announcing to my sister, Angie:  There was nothing left unsaid!  Oh my God, what a miracle!  There was absolutely NOTHING left unsaid between us.  The peace and comfort this offered me in my brokenness cannot be put into words as I was wrapped in a field of grace that was John’s spirit letting me know everything was okay even though nothing felt okay.

The invitation this day is to REMEMBER your heroes!  Be sure to acknowledge and honor Veterans on this day that marks all they have generously given in service to us.  And take time to share with your personal heroes all that lies in your heart.  Leave nothing unsaid!  Pour your hearts out face to face, by phone, email, text.  Let your heroes know who they are to you – don’t assume that they know or dismiss this opportunity to shower them with love.  If your heroes are in spirit, connect with them as they are alive in your very heart, pulsing through your blood, a part of your life force.  Smile from the depths of you with this knowing, tapping into this well of love – give thanks!  Remember the distinct feelings they invoked and who you became wrapped in their love.  Let this love inspire your HERO’S journey!  Heroes dare to come alive day by day by day come what may and to love life fiercely for all that it is.

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