Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Living with an EXCLAMATION point!

LIVE like you MEAN IT

Like this day will never come again

Like this moment is all you have

Like this ain’t a dress rehearsal

Like the JOY in each day is immeasurable

Like this day is GOLDen

Like this life is NOW not someday

Like the PASSION within must be FREEd

Like everything is DAMN GOOD

Like if today is the last day IT is enough

Like there will never be another human being

Just like YOU

Like YOU are the offering

Like YOU are the PLAN

Like YOU are the Abundance of Life

Like YOU are the TREASURE

Like YOU Matter

Like YOUR LIFE Matters

Like YOU have the POWER

Like the JOY ride is life ITself

Like living FEELS exciting

For a million reasons


For no reason at all

Like it is YOUR pleasure to live

Breath by JUICY breath

Savoring the ZEST

Hatching NEW Dreams

Like you have EVERYTHING

Because you have LIFE

Like you are privileged to be HERE

To live this life


Like YOU are the FLAME

Not just the candle

Like YOU are the BEAUTY

YOU get to experience

Like YOU say what you mean

And MEAN what you say

Because being YOU is badass

Because expressing uniquely is

Living ART

Brilliantly bursting

Magnificence flowing





Daring to let go

Daring to reach for MORE




Discovering new depths

Within YOU


Within the WORLD



Is a life FUELED


ALL of us


Lift OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of my sisters responded to an email I had sent a couple of years ago saying that I used more exclamation points than anyone and was curious as to why I did that.  I laughed out loud at her observation of this because I had never noticed, truly, I was unconscious of this fact.  But I delighted in this as I was merely enthusiastic about what I was conveying to her and living with an exclamation point, I organically chose this outward expression. It was too much for her but not for me as I was just being who I am.  My response was brief:  I AM an exclamation point! Hahaha!!! I still use exclamation points unsparingly to share my excitement in notes, texts and emails as this is authentically who I am.  I LOVE receiving texts with LIFT OFF!!!!! where I can feel the free-flowing juju that launches from the exclamation points:  LOVE IT!!! LOVIN’ life!!!!  LOVE us!!! LUCKY us!!! WONDERFUL!!!!!  YOU Rock!!!!  WOW!!!  Today is the BEST DAY EVER!!!!  Pure GOODness!!!  LIVIN’ the Dream!!!!  Life is DAMN GOOD!!!!  EPIC!!!!!  Crazy GOOD!!!!!  WTF?!!!!  LMAO!!!!

Loving life fiercely is living with an exclamation point!  It doesn’t come from anything outside of US; it springs from the depths of us.  Joy, radiance, passion, love, hope, light, grace, peace, happiness, ALIVEness that exists in the limitless well within that cannot be contained, that springs magnificently as us individually and collectively. The living of life takes us into depths of our Self, of this journey that frees MORE of our essence, our spirit, our truest and purest Self expressing that longs to flow and take us where we have never gone. Living with a knowing that we have everything because we have life creates a depth of gratitude where MORE! More! More! hatches gloriously in unexpected ways that leave us in awe.  Life beyond our wildest dreams lies in this way of being free of conditions that clog our vitality and dam our precious life force.  Bliss is the state of living where YESSSSSS! is all your heart can say pouring energy through the whole of you, showering your life with a sense of aliveness unparalleled. 

The invitation this day is LIVE with an exclamation point!  Be excited to be alive!  Be the JOY!  Free the MORE:  Passion, hope, love, grace that longs to spring from YOU!  Be true to YOU!  Be who you are and SHARE your enthusiasm generously!  Be TOO MUCH!  Be organically EXPRESSIVE!  Live in the surprise that shines through spontaneity!  LOVE YOUR LIFE FIERCELY:  lift OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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