Monday, November 18, 2013

HOPE Springs Eternal!


HOPE Springs


Messages from beyond

This realm

Urging US:

Hold on!

Hold on!


To this:

“ALL of Your Dreams Come True


I will be right here

With YOU!”

Waves of LOVE


Waves of GRACE

Waves of TRUTH

Sacred gifts


Washing up

Bubbling through



Giving us


To Believe IN


To Hold ON to

As we walk

Through the FIRES



HELL on Earth!

Offerings from those in Spirit








REMINDing us

Loved ones

In spirit

Remain WITH US

All of our days

As we learn to walk again

Without them

Physically here


They now hold us UP

With invisible tethers

Infusing us with energies

As real

As the breath we breathe

Stoking the fires

Within us

Cheering us on


Just when we need them

Winking at us

In the eyes of strangers

Riding with us

On the wings of the birds

That spring out of nowhere

Into our HEARTS

Touching us

With the lady bug

Showering us with






Welcome them!

Tune in!


Let them INSPIRE you


As never before

Fueled by what was

Infused by what is

Excited by what is to be!

When John first died, I dragged my body around until the dark, the night graciously came and I could call it a day, climbing into bed at 5p.m. letting the warmth of the covers hold me.  The exhaustion, the chronic fatigue allowed me to sleep deeply for pockets of time but the visits with John made the slumber a source of joy in the midst of the hell I was experiencing.  He came to me in my dream state because in this space I was open to communication that wasn’t possible when I was awake.  He would sit with me face to face as we had done thousands of times over the years, beaming and smiling and infusing me with hope to keep on living.  Delivering messages that grounded me in the certainty that everything was okay even when it didn’t feel okay, that everything was perfect even though it didn’t look perfect revealing a beauty bursting from the truth that only my soul could see. 

Creatures of soul living in human form we straddle worlds, this realm and beyond; it is essential to process grief, feel it all, allowing the unbearable pain of loss while being held in the well of Great Love by the benevolent universe pouring grace into us breath by breath that knows the truth:  All is well.  Even in brokenness, we are whole.  This is LIFE cycling.

On one of John’s first visits, he delivered messages that both rocked me and grounded me in a sense of higher wisdom.  Radiantly healthy, beaming with all of him as he did in life, he said:  Gee, it was my time.  You don’t need me anymore.  I came back to love the way we loved.  All your dreams will come true and I will be right here with you. 

Initially trying to make sense of all he said from my human perspective, I called Bullshit! on what he shared.  Okay, I could accept it was his time because I believe we all have a time, an expiration date.  But how in the hell could he say that I didn’t need him anymore!  WTF?!  Hell!  In the wake of his death, I was discovering how much I needed him in ways I wasn’t even conscious of – how much his physical presence fed me, the sense of safety in knowing he was in this world with me, the nourishing energy exchanged invisibly all day, every day tethered in this sacred dance. 

It was a journey into the truth his message was echoing, inviting a depth of understanding beyond my human Self that was pissed off and shattered.  In my humanness, I could argue until the end of time how and why I still needed him.  But my soul, ever-wise with a bird’s eye view of living knew that he added:  I came back to love the way we loved.  The sacred contract of our souls, John and mine, was to experience a transcendent love, beyond human that healed us both and made us whole which was truly miraculous.  We had always loved each other, genuinely liked and appreciated each other, but after he flat-lined post bypass surgery, our hearts opened and we loved at a depth that freed us from any barriers that kept this tsunami of love, ever-present, ever-flowing at bay.  He died 4 years after what I have come to see was a choice point whether he stayed in physical form or moved into the spirit world.  John didn’t speak “angel” but said an angel ushered him back into this world and he was connected to him Self, to me and the universe as never before.  Something mystical and magical happened and we were transformed, held in a higher vibration of love and truth that made every day perfect, that filled us with a sense of joy come what may and beauty poured through every moment.

Last week, I walked into a drycleaners where I had never been before.  The woman at the desk said:  You must be so loved!  I know that I am loved but was taken aback momentarily wondering if she was speaking to me.  She went on to say:  Whoever made that necklace for you loves you a lot!  I grounded in the moment fully knowing with all of me that this was a message from John.  Telling her the story of the Sunflower diamond pendant, I was touched deeply as I recalled the love behind this gift.  John completely surprising me tricking me into believing I was checking to see if the jewelers cleaned my watch properly.  I opened the box and the tears spontaneously poured from the depths of me.  He said:  I want you to wear this every single day and remember that you are a sunflower in this world!  The last essay in my book is I Want to be a Sunflower and he was mirroring for me all that I already was but couldn’t yet see, couldn’t yet claim.

Yesterday morning, I got my mail that had been delivered on Saturday.  There was a white envelope, 5 x 7 in dimension addressed:  Kathy McHugh with Passing On Hope on the second line that stood out from the catalogs and standard envelopes so I opened it immediately.  Inside was a keychain flashlight with Passing On Hope written on it.  It was from a marketing company BUT it was a message from John, a sign that he is still with me, with all of us in spirit.  Flashlights are significant because John had an obsession with them that began from his earliest memories, collecting all kinds and buying them for me to keep in my purse and put in my travel bag.  Cleaning out his stuff, there were hundreds of flashlights tucked here and there, all makes, all models, all sizes.  When people didn’t know what to buy him for a gift, I would say:  just get him a flashlight.  He LOVES flashlights! How poetic, a flash of light springing, lighting the day, lighting my life at the 3 year mark of his death.

Hope springs from these messages beyond grounding us in faith, trust and spirit as we walk this earth.  The invitation this day is to tune in.  There is life beyond this life!  Open to the mystical dance that inspires as nothing else can.  Feel your loved ones showering you from the heavenly realms urging you on, awakening new dreams yet to be lived, connecting you to your truest Self, to them, to the One love that animates this human journey blowing its graces through us breath by magic breath.  Live your life, come alive as never before and carry them with you as they guide you into all that is to be.  HOPE springs eternal!       

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