Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Don't Forget WHO YOU ARE!




Who you are

ALL that you are


Within us

The Voice

Of our truest Self

Singing quietly

Outside of us

Affirming words

Mirroring truth

Jerking a knot in our tail

Jolting us

When we forget

Awakening us

From our slumber

Walking in the world dead

Failing to fully appreciate

Who we are

Forgetting the Beauty we are

Swallowing hook, line & sinker

Limited ideas


Imposed by others

Unconsciously tethered

Now, being SWALLOWED

Confined by the past




We cut our Self FREE

To GO deeper

To CLAIM all that we are

To KNOW who we are NOW

To BECOME more

Moment by moment

Day by day

Letting our Self emerge


We all forget


In an instant


Again and again and again

YOU are

Worth fighting for

YOU are


PLEASE:  Don’t forget who YOU ARE

YOU are no less than the breath of the heavens

Blowing through this earth

Grace in human form





Is who YOU ARE!

The week after my niece, Jess’s wedding that I officiated in Indianapolis, I was sitting on top of my houseboat with her mom, my sister, Angie and her dad, my brother in-law, Chuck.  We were remembering the beauty of the entire weekend and how we “threw it down” McHugh style, laughing as we told stories, pouring our hearts out, connecting with sheer joy that we have been privilege to share this life together.  We were so happy to be sitting there together, alive! with a deep sense of our journey, the totality of the experience with pain, joy and everything in between woven in the tapestry.  Our conversation moved to my late-husband, John, our gratitude for him laughing out loud over his crazy ass and his enormous heart; and who I had become in the gift of being his partner in life for 17 years and who I have become in the wake of his death coming up on 3 years.  Chuck stopped me ever so gently, getting choked up, clearing his throat and graciously said:  John was great!  We loved him.  Hell, we LOVE him and will always love him. But don’t forget who YOU are.  Don’t forget ALL that you are!  You are SO GOOD.  You are double life force, girl!!! And you always have been.  When you stood up there officiating the wedding, we could all feel how special you are, the love in your heart.  You give so much and have taught us all more than you will ever know.  YOU have and don’t you forget it.

I was touched to my core, sitting there fully present to the love, weeping tears of thanksgiving as I expressed my gratitude for Chuck’s affirming words, helping me remember who I am, all that I am.  Chuck has known me since I was 10 years old, long before I ever knew John, before I became John’s wife and he wanted to be sure that I stood in my Self, claimed who I am, the essence of Kathy.  He jolted me awake graciously so I could remember, become conscious of the truth and not be swallowed by false beliefs that confine me and limit me.

How can we ever know all that we are, all that lies within us if we hang on to beliefs of who we think we are:  limited ideas, imprints imposed by others that we have swallowed hook, line and sinker that NOW, swallow us; but when we remember, become aware, we can cut our Self FREE.  Free to become more!  Free to emerge!  Free to be KNOWN! as never before possible.  Forgetting happens but remembering happens just as quickly.  In a flash, we can ground in the truth, returning home to our true Self ever-expanding, ever-surprising, ever-expressing moment by moment, day by day.

The invitation this day is:  DON’T FORGET who you are!  Give thanks for the charming gardeners in your life who have made your soul blossom, inspiring you to dance and sing in ways that you didn’t know were possible; while they have revealed more of you in the happiness of the love shared, helping more of you come out to play, REMEMBER: you are who you are, the essence of you ever-shining!  This is standing in our power, true power when we claim the beauty that is without fail and cut our Self free from beliefs that hook us, limit us and swallow our precious life force.  Our spirit is always free ever-flowing, taking us into the more, leading us where we didn’t know we could go, showing us again and again and again the truth:  we are a gift and our life is indeed the greatest adventure enriched by those we are privileged to share this sacred dance with. 

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