Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spring is BREAKing...

Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings a tune without the words and never stops at all... - Emily Dickinson

Spring is breaking through.  There has still been a biting cold in the breeze with the temperature reaching into the 40's but the sunshine is working it's magic.  Yesterday, I sat by the french doors in my bedroom writing where the sun graciously drenched me and my kitties.  This was a little piece of heaven.  It thrills me to suddenly see the daffodils sprouting all around my property.  My cement statue of St. Francis has bright green clovers sprinkled all around it as if they are growing out of his feet.  The trees are budding and the birds are serenading the world perched on the branches.  The days are longer with the sun rising earlier and the sun setting later with each passing day. Woohoo!

The overall mood of everyone I encountered yesterday was elevated.  Even though I am one of those rare fans of winter, I am not in denial over the harshness of this season and its brutal effect on our energy levels and emotional states.    

This morning as I headed out my door, the poetic lyrics of James Taylor's Walking Man came to mind:  The frost is on the pumpkin as everything is covered with a thin layer of frost but the air feels like Spring.  We are in that in between space - it's not quite Spring and Winter is on its way out.  It helps to look for the evidence, the signs that a new season, new life is coming through this day.

I invite you to join me in making a list of your favorite things about this day.  This will place your focus on the goodness and shift your mood to one of gratitude in acknowledging the abundace of life (on any given day!). 

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