Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Being SILLY just for the FUN of it...

What if you're always young enough to be SILLY and PLAY?
(Bring on the FUN.)

I came into this world a little more serious than most.  By the time I turned 40, I was like, "It's about freakin' time...I have felt 40 since I was 10."  But as fate would have it, I have surrounded myself with people who remind me to keep my heart light through play, doing things to be silly just for the fun of it.

My late-husband, John, from the first time I went to the store with him would run as fast as he could and jump on the back of the grocery cart riding it to his truck.  He would transform into a little boy before my eyes and everyone witnessing him would smile with delight as he took them in to his experience.  He explained that he did this as a little boy and never stopped because it's fun.

I love that thought:  Just because it's fun!

Last Easter, my sister and her husband hosted our family.  They always pull out all the stops to make sure we are entertained and having a good time.  They decided to do a hula hoop contest to see who the last one standing would be.  So the "kids", my nieces and nephews ranging from ages 7 to 32 along with a few of us adults participated.  I was wearing cork wedges and a skirt but decided to give it a whirl anyway.  I had not hula hooped since my childhood but it was like riding a bike, my body found the rhythm and kept it spinning for 15 minutes or more.  Hands in the air, hips swinging from side to side, smiling from ear to ear, to my surprise, I was having fun. 

This simple pleasure of hula hooping, this way of inviting fun into my life is now something I do almost every single day just because it's fun.  I turn on Salt n' Peppa or 80's hip hop/rap and get my groove on which feeds me in a way that nothing else can. 

It is easy to forget that life is fun, that we are always young enough to be silly and play.  I invite you to find a way to remember that it is fun to be you, to feel the juiciness of life through play just for the hell of it.  Bring on the fun!

What is YOUR shopping cart?  What is your hula hoop?  Return to the play of life through discovering what reminds you that life is fun.  It is!  The fountain of youth is comes from LOVING YOUR LIFE...woohoo!

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