Monday, February 18, 2013

Music: Whatever ROCKS you, ROLL with it!

Our LOVE of music is as personal as our LOVE of an individual...Whatever ROCKS YOU, roll with it!
The love of music can be equally as stirring as our love of an individual.  Both feed us in unexplainable ways.  SOUL stuff!

My lifelong friend, Alison introduced me to all the classic Rock n' Roll bands as well as the 80's rockers who made the cut on her short-list.  She would crank up the stereo in her 1972 Toyota Corolla and sing every single word on pitch at the top of her lungs as we headed down the road raising a little hell. 

Alison called me last week just after the Superbowl to catch up.  She had just returned from Florida visiting with her uncle who she shared was less than thrilled that Beyonce' would be performing at half-time.  When she asked him why  he didn't like Beyonce', he said, as if it should be obvious to her and everyone:  Beyonce' doesn't rock!  She laughed hysterically as she told me his response admitting that she actually likes a few of Beyonce's songs.  I do too.

I just watched the documentary Sound City created by David Grohl frontman of the Foo Fighters and formerly with the band, Nirvana.  Sound City Studios was a famous recording studio in L.A. where the likes of Stevie Nicks, Mick Fleetwood, Tom Petty and Rick Springfield cut their first tracks.  In 1991, Nirvana recorded their breakthrough album Nevermind there, bonding David Grohl to the studio forever after that magical experience.

The coolest part of the documentary was watching David Grohl jam with his hero, Paul McCartney and other musicians and artists.  Expressing whatever came forward in the moment, they were raw, unscripted, spontaneous and so alive.  They were simply guys doing what they love to do, doing what they must.  They weren't playing to the cameras, trying to be rock stars.  They let go completely to find that sweet spot, digging deep to touch that space that frees the music.  There was perfection in the imperfection.  And it was so inspiring!

Each of us has music within us.  Do what you must.  Do whatever it is you must do simply for the sake of doing it, for the joy it brings.  Free the passion.  Whether you like R&B, Rap, Jazz, Soul, Rock n' Roll, Funk, Pop, Big Band, Classical, Country, Southern Rock and so on, it matters not.  You get to choose. 

I invite you to turn it up and let the music stir you.  Whatever ROCKS you, ROLL with it!  Don't hold back.  Belt it out. Silencing your voice robs the world of songs only you can sing... 

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