Saturday, February 23, 2013

Some Days ya gotta DANCE...C'mon!

Some days ya gotta dance...C'mon and loosen up those chains and DANCE!

Honky Tonkin' in Nashville, I am inspired by the cloggers, the line dancers, the boot stompers, the booty poppers, the chair dancers, the head bobbers, the lip bitin' twisters with hands clappin' in the air.  I just have to join in on all the fun and dance my dance.

What a perfect metaphor for life!  However you dance, whatever way you choose to shake things up or sit still, just make sure you do what ya gotta do.   

I love the expression:  Dance as if no one is watching!  Worrying what others think of us or being afraid to look silly or foolish inhibits our ability to express our self and ENJOY the dance of life, to appreciate our own special way of moving through this world.

Friends who tragically lost their 15 year old son last July sent me a picture card with the saying:  Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain.  Even in the midst of their heartbreak, in their own personal storm, they are open and willing to learn to dance in the rain instead of waiting, delaying life.  They know that life is now and some day may never come.  And one day will be the last day of this dance. 

In the words of the late Donna Summers, the queen of Disco:  C'mon baby!  Dance that dance...

Don't wait!    

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