Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What IF?





This moment

This day

This life


The Answers


To Ask

To Allow

ALL that bubbles UP

From the depths of you


New Perspectives

New Thoughts

New Ideas

New Feelings

New Ways of Being



Your Truest Self

Who you are




This Day

This moment








More of YOU



Ready to PLAY

Go Ahead





For the


For the


Go Ahead


Just one


Sit with ALL

The Questions



Sip them in

Let them


Just ASK

I double-dog

Dare YOU


The surprises



In the


In the





What IF?

What if the most fu$%ed up part of you  is the best part of you?

(Judge Nothing.)

What if you couldn’t fu$% this life up even if you tried?

(Just LIVE.)

What if less is MORE?

(Make Space.)

What if being TOO MUCH is simply who you are? 


What if whoever has the most fun in a lifetime really wins?

(FUN is so good.)

What if YOU are the best kept secret?

(Unlock Your Self.)

What if the way you live is your ART, your unique contribution to this world?

(Express Your Self.)

What if you can’t hear your HEART because your life is too noisy?


What if you have EVERYTHING to give and NOTHING to lose?

(Don’t wait.)

What if there is nothing to fix because nothing is broken?

(Remember ALL that you ARE.)

What if the love you’re waiting for is the love you’re withholding? 

(LOVE Big.)

What if there aren’t good days or bad days rather days that make up your life experience?

(Love each day.  Live it all.)

What if there will never be another day just like this one?

(Enjoy it.)

What if there will never be another human being just like you?

(DARE to Be who you are.)

What if dancing with the universe includes sitting still?

(Do. Be. Do. Be.)

What if you NEVER said never again?

(Free Possibilities.)

What if your HEART holds the key to all the doors within you?

(Listen close.)

What if you said THANK YOU all day long?


What if you don’t have to figure it all out?

What if there’s always MORE to be KNOWN?

(Live the answers.)

What if the only thing standing in your way is you and your choices?

(Step Aside. DO something Different.)

What if the only thing standing in your way are your limiting Beliefs?

(Question Everything.)

What if the understanding you long for is within you to give yourself?

(Compassionate Care.)

What if Patience includes KICKING & SCREAMING? 

(Be with it all.)

What if all you think you know for sure is just the tip of the iceberg?

(LIVE Open)

What if the things you would never wish for are here to reveal more of who you truly are? (Trust. Mine for the gold.)

What if the worst thing that happens to you in life can lead to the BEST in YOU?

(Let LIFE touch YOU.)

What if you can’t see the box you live in because you are inside it?

(Break FREE.)

What if you are every color at heart?

(One LOVE.)

What if failure is an essential part of success?

(Stay the Course.)

What if you unfolded all the parts of you?


What if you already have wings only they are invisible?


What if your wings are on autopilot guiding your life from destination to destination. (Soul’s Journey.)

What if life is about remembering what you already know?


What if love is really all you need?

(LOVE Your Self.  LOVE All Life.)

What if being weird is the highest expression of YOU?


What if playing it safe is killing your spirit?

(Live the PASSION.)

What if within you lies the power to move mountains and the courage to take the first step? (Believe.)

What if the only mountain to move is You?

(CHANGE one thing and SHIFT everything.)

What if FAITH is knowing everything is okay when nothing feels okay?

(Ground IN Your Spirit.)

What if you knew with every fiber of your being that YOU MATTER?


What if the only thing crazier than crazy is trying to change crazy?

(Let go.)

What if you are here to rock the boat?

(Stand UP for YOUR Life.)

What if your complaints are telling you it is time for a change?

(Listen & Make Choices.)

What if the most important relationship is the one with Yourself?

(Discover NEW Worlds Within You.)

What if nothing you can manufacture is as great as being you?

(Authenticity.) (One-of-a-kind.)

What if the more you appreciate yourself as an individual, the more you can appreciate others? (Acceptance.  Admiration.  Respect.)

What if the sharp edges of life strip away what is inessential?


What if life is meant to be FUN?


What if freedom is not needing a reason to do or not do anything?

(Never Explain. Never Complain.)

What if Santa is alive within you?


What if there isn’t anything more divine than being human?

(Enjoy the ride.)

What if your presence is the greatest gift you can give another?

(BE where you are.)

What if you need to start with FU$% IT to get to BLESS IT?

(The TRUTH frees US.)

What if you dared to tell the Fu&%ing Truth to Your Self?

(Purge.) (Say what you need to say.) (NO BULLSHIT!)

What if you are much much more than the sum of your experiences?


What if the only thing standing in your way is you?

(100% Responsibility for YOUR Life & Choices.)

What if what other’s think about you is about them and what you think about others is about you?


What if you wrote PLAY at the top of your to do list every single day?

(Be Alive.) (Plan for Fun.)

What if what looks like Insanity to others is simply you doing what you MUST do? (LIVE the Passion.)

What if Anger is as essential as Laughter?

(FEEL it all.)

What if it is ALL GOOD and only you can decide what a good life means to you? (Choices.)

What if the song in your heart is only appreciated by YOU?

(Let IT Rip.)

What if you really aren’t in control?

(NO HANDS…weeee.)

What if there is nothing to get over rather experiences that you take with you?

(Hold all Life. Journey Well.)

What if your anger is trying to tell you something?

(Use It.)

What if the only protection in life is knowing you can meet whatever comes your way? (FAITH in Your Self.  FAITH in the Universe.)

What if SOMEDAY never comes and NOW is all you have?

(Don’t wait.)

What if who you were isn’t who you are and the life you were living no longer fits?

(Let GO & Reach for MORE.)

What if you can love your life even when it sucks?


What if your wildest dreams pale in comparison to what’s to come?

(Dream Big.)

What if the Good you see in the world is a reflection of what lies within you?


What if you chose to see the beauty of this life even in the midst of great tragedy? (Grace.)

What if silencing your voice robs the world of songs only you can sing?

(Belt it Out.)

What if censoring your Self robs the world of riches only you can bestow?

(SHOW UP with ALL of YOU ready to PLAY.)

What if when it is all said and done, you left nothing unsaid?

(Use Your Voice) (No regrets.)

What if real friends can hold space for the CRAZY?

(Love.  Connection.  Zero Judgment.  No Agenda.)

What if the net is already holding you and has been all along?


What if it is GOOD to be YOU?


What if being right is getting in the way of your happiness?

 (Live and Let live.)

What if the right choice is always the one that FREES you?

(Unlock the Cage.)

What if a joyful life is a soulful life?


What if curiosity didn’t kill the cat after all NOT being curious did?

(Wonder. Explore.)

What if you are the best entertainment in town?

(Observe. Welcome the Laughter.)

What if heaven is right here, right now?

(LOOK & SEE.  Breathe it IN.)

What if mistakes are perfect in that they unfold more of us?

(Risk. Dare. Just LIVE. Come ALIVE.)

What if energy doesn’t lie?

 (TUNE in to the Guidance.)

What if the cage you are living in is of your own making?


What if you welcomed the New Year with no preconceived ideas rather excitement for the adventure yet to be?

(Dwell in Possibilities.)

What if you asked yourself at the beginning of each day, “How will life express through me today?” and felt excited by the possibilities?

(OPEN Living.)

What if you invited each day to BRING IT ON?


What if each day in your life is filled with 10,000 miracles?

(YOU are a MIRACLE.)

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