Monday, January 28, 2013

What If Playing It Safe Is Killing Your Spirit?

The inquiry around safety, playing it safe to the detriment of my vitality, my own sense of adventure is never-ending.  My mind will always justify my choices to play it safe instead of stepping into the unknown, experimenting and navigating new paths.  But my body never lies.  When I feel myself dragging my body around fulfilling my daily grind, I check in and see what choices I need to rethink in order to free my spirit.

Vitality comes not from morning coffee (even though I am drinking mine as I type) but from our spirit, our connection to our own life and to all life, our passion for living.  This sense of aliveness is a way of being that creates an inspired life even when we face life challenges. 

10 days ago, I shocked the hell out of myself by redesigning my website, blogging, tweeting and getting back onto facebook.  It was simply time.  Pausing to check in and listen to my Self, I have experienced a great surprise in the joy of getting back OUT into the world in a new way.  This risk may seem small to others but to me, it is big big stuff. 

Letting the new in requires us to let go of preconceived ideas that box us in.  What a boring life to think we have it all figured out and the way we are today is the way we will be tomorrow.  I have adopted the mantra, "Surprise!  Surprise!  Surprise!"   This has awakened the great explorer within me, inviting more of me to come out and play.

I invite you to reflect on this question:  What If Playing It Safe is Killing Your Spirit?  Sit with this.  Tell the truth to yourself.  The truth will set you FREE!

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